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Washable Mask (Black ) Description For Fashion Design, 100% Brand New Material: Cotton Fabric Notes: 1. Do not wear it for more than 8 hours 2. After use, please soak in hot water to wash, and then dry in the sun. 3. Do not use the brush to clean, so as not to damage the hook wire .<现货> 男女同款明星口罩 (布口罩) 黑色和彩色3D透气口罩 清爽 透气 轻盈 (夏天的薄款、可再循环使用) 注意事项: 1) 不建议带超过8小时 2)使用后,请用温水中浸泡清洗,在阳光下晒干 3)不建议用刷子刷表面,容易造成损坏组织


Freight Mark offered local and East Malaysia express services to fit your time-critical and  budget needs. FMX can accommodate your nationwide express delivery service needs, whether from large to small sizes, for single to multiple packages.


ABX Express is a Malaysian Courier company that provdes door to door and express delivery of documents and packages. With over 30 years of expeerience, ABX Express services include Peninsular and East Malaysia.

  • 品牌: 六丰
  • 材质: 涤纶
  • 产地: 中国
  • 颜色分类: 三代-蓝色花朵 四代-天蓝色 四代-蓝色花朵 四代-米色 四代-灰色 四代-深蓝色 四代-仙人掌
  • 吊牌价: 58
  • 上市时间: 2018年夏季
  • 货号: SW0100071
  • 商品系列: 鞋包
  • 运动户外项目: 旅游
  • Brand: Liufeng
  • Material: Polyester
  • made in China
  • Color classification: three generations-blue flowers four generations-sky blue four generations-blue flowers four generations-beige four generations-gray four generations-dark blue four generations-cactus
  • Price tag: 58
  • Time to market: Summer 2018
  • Item No.: SW0100071
  • Commodity series: shoes and bags
  • Sports outdoor projects: tourism
  • 品牌: Rave Personality
  • 适用年龄: 18-24周岁
  • 材质: 棉
  • 尺寸: S码(26-27码) M(28-29码) L(30-31码)
  • 面料: 棉布
  • 风格: 通勤
  • 通勤: 韩版
  • 女裤腰高: 低腰
  • 颜色分类: 玫瑰印花 蓝底印花 黄菊印花
  • 货号: 8091-2#
  • 成分含量: 96%及以上
  • 年份季节: 2020年春季
  • 厚薄: 薄款
  • 服装款式细节: 印染
  • 裤长: 短裤
  • 女裤裤型: 直筒裤
  • Brand: Rave Personality
  • Applicable age: 18-24 years old
  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: S size (26-27 size) M (28-29 size) L (30-31 size)
  • Fabric: cotton
  • Style: Commuter
  • Commuter: Korean
  • Women's trousers waist height: low waist
  • Color classification: rose printing blue bottom printing yellow chrysanthemum printing
  • Item No.: 8091-2#
  • Ingredient content: 96% and above
  • Year season: Spring 2020
  • Thickness: Thin section
  • Clothing style details: printing and dyeing
  • Pants length: shorts

2条装洁丽雅干发帽女擦头发速干吸水包头巾浴帽可爱长发干发毛巾 强吸水 菠萝格